Thursday, December 23, 2010

Love is Blind - #Part 1

It is 9:30 PM IST. The remainder started to ring with a nice tone on her mobile.

‘Oh I got to go !’ She came out of the world of work and started to close all the opened programs in her PC. She was not like this before. But for some reason she wants her mind to sink in work. But human mind never do that it often floats on a matter which we want to forget.

She has almost closed all the applications but a little pop up appeared with a message ‘Severity alert received’. She looked at it and searched around to find who else is there in shift.

“Hi Vidhya!”, Neema smiled. She has joined Vidhya’s team a week before.

“Hi”, she said with a sad tone. ‘Oh god ! How could I leave a severity alert to a new joinee’.

“Hm. Who else is there in shift with you Neema?”

“I’m there”, Baskar entered as he said.

“Hey Baski. Thank god you are there. There is a severity alert in our Queue. Please take care. My cab will move in a couple of minutes”, She started to walk fast without waiting for his reply.

She noticed her cab waiting for her though it was late. She signed the route sheet and got up into the car noticing Anitha.

“The cab might have moved, If I was not there”, she told with a smile.

“Thanks Ani. I had some work”

The car moved out of TCS campus and took a right turn on Old Mahapalipuram Road.

“Then how many days have you applied for leave?”, Anitha smiled.

“Two weeks”

“Is that enough”, asked Anitha expecting Vidhya to become shy.

“Surely not enough to forget him”

“Do you mention Rakesh?”

Vidhya kept quite.

“Hey! Do you know what is going to take place after 3 days?”

‘I do. But I'm still praying to god that it should not take place.’ She turned beside and looked outside the car window.

“Come to the real world Vidhu. Why are you still thinking about that idiot who left an angel like you? He doesn’t deserve you.”

Vidhya didn’t respond to that as she already started to think about Rakesh.

‘Vidhu. This is how he calls me’ Her mind started to sink on her old days.

The cab moved on a bridge giving a nice view of the city. All the buildings and the roads were lighted.

‘Is this where I live? Isn’t it your heart?’ There were nobody to listen and answer, but still she hoped that Rakesh could hear.

‘Why did you leave me da. I can’t even think about a life without you.’
The cab moved down and stopped at a signal near Lovely day Restaurant. The place which turned their life brought her deep sorrow. She looked at the restaurant. There was a Black Pulsar-DTSI standing outside the restaurant. A smart boy came out and started the bike. He wore his helmet and started his bike. A slim girl wearing T-Shirt and jeans came near his bike. She should be studying in some college. She took his helmet off and kissed his cheek.

Vidhya guessed that they should be lovers. The girl moved to sit on the backseat. The boy stopped her and took her cheeks on his hand and faced him. They looked at each other. The cab started moving as the signal turned green.

Vidhya missed Rakesh badly. ‘Where are you da Idiot? Why am I in this car! When will you come and take me with you’.

I Gotta feeling… That’s your nights gonna be a good night… Vidhya turned as she heard the ring tone from someone’s mobile outside. She noticed Rakesh coming near her car wearing Black Cooling glass. He took his mobile and attended the call.

“Call me as many times as you want, but I can’t come now. I’m on the way to my home” Rakesh answered the call passing her car. He moved and hit his leg on the black pulsar.

“Hey”, the boy turned and shouted at him.

“Sorry, Sorry brother. I didn’t notice your bike”, he said and moved with a little struggle.

Tear drops came out of Vidhya’s eyes. She looked at him until he goes out of her sight.

'Raki.. Raki.. Raki.. Raki.. Raki.......' her mind keeps on telling his name.

“Stop here” Anitha shouted at the driver as she noticed Vidhya’s Apartment.
“Hey Vidhu! We reached your apartment. Go to your home and take a nice sleep. Forget about all your bad days. It’s over now. You have a new, happy life waiting for you”

“Bye Ani. Good night”

“See you after three days. Take care di. See you” The car moved as Ani told these to Vidhya.

Vidhya walked with dead legs. She didn’t move much. But felt hard to walk. Her thoughts made her so weak. She stopped at the lift.

5 -> 4 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1 -> The lift came from Top floor and opened. She got into the lift following a boy, a girl and some aunties. Her flat is at fourth floor. The boy and girl stood beside and started to talk through their eyes.

The boy was wearing glass and was not so fair but also not black. The girl was very fair and shorter than the boy. At second floor all the aunts left. It’s the pair and Vidhya in the lift. The Lift closed and moved up. The Boy kneeled down and said “I love you Priya” throwing his hands in the air. The girl looked at him with lot of love in her eyes. He got up and looked at her eyes. She didn’t turn back but looked at his eyes deeply making him not to make a slight move.

The lift opened at fourth floor. Vidhya ran out and got into her flat as it was opened. She entered inside her room and locked the door. She fell on her bed and started crying. She couldn't control her feelings.

‘I miss you da Raki. I miss you so much. I just want to cry on your shoulder. I just want to talk to you for hours about our sweet days. I need you now da”. She cried for some more time and got up to sit. She took her dairy which was presented by Rakesh before two years. She opened it and looked at Rakesh photo stuck on it.

She remembered his words when he gifted it to her.

“Keep it with you. Write all those when you are not able to contact me”.
She took her pen. She wasn’t used to writing dairy. But she wanted to share her feeling with the dairy.

“Dear Dairy! Do you remember our college days……….

--- To be Continued ---


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